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We really want you to know how to properly use your appliance, without proper knowledge it is difficult to maintain and get the most out of your wood burning appliance, bellow is a Video Data Base compiled by The Wood Shed on proper wood appliance use and some useful tips.

How To Light A Fire

 Here we will teach you how to properly light a fire and not what to do to avoid smokey start ups and poor fires.

Know Your Appliance

The most important part in getting the most out of your new wood burning appliance is understanding how it is designed and how it works, here we teach you the basic design and function of a non catalytic wood burning appliance.

Appliance and Chimney Maintenance 

 Here we teach you some basic tips on how to properly inspect and maintain your appliance and chimney.

Understanding Chimney Systems

Some basic tips and information on proper chimney installation techniques and how a chimney works.

Common Problems

A video explaining some common problems in wood burning appliance usage and how to correct these issues.

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