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We are super excited to bring the legendary PK Grills to Newfoundland. If you haven’t heard of PK grills then it is time to be enlightened. PK grills have been around since 1952 and have grown into the preferred barbeque of choice to many professional grillers. Its light weight aluminum body is rust proof and is built to withstand the elements (which we know all about in Newfoundland).  This barbeque is built tough and designed to take a beating, it is also designed to be easily transported which we love. Just toss it in your vehicle and you can have great barbecue anywhere you go. From low and slow or a fast sear these grills have excellent temperature control, it’s capsule design and 4 vent control system allows precise control of the temperature with no hot spots and even heat distribution. If you are looking for a grill that does it all and will last decades we seriously recommend you check these out.


PK 360

With 360 inches of cooking space and the ability to remove from the stand with a twist of the knob for easy portability the PK 360 is a true work horse. Known for their excellent temperature control and quality these grills are built tough and designed to last.



This beauty little grill doubles as a portable smoker or can be used as two Hibachi style grills at once. Known for its portability and compact size this grill is great for anyone who loves the outdoors as much as we do.


PK 300

The all new PK 300 grill packs 300 inches of cooking space with excellent control and durability. Be sure to come by our showroom to see it for yourself.


PKGO Hibachi

Great for taking on day trips and beach boil ups. this PKGO Hibachi gives you a quality portable charcoal grill that will not break the bank.



Drop by our store front to check out all of our PK Grill Accessories to help you get the best out of your grill.

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