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Image by Patrick Tomasso


Not feeling up to spending a day in the woods with the ol’ trusty chainsaw? Can’t get the sled started?  Thats ok, we've got you covered. Our wood lot has a supply of black spruce and birch readily available for delivery or pick up. Just give us a call and we will be sure to keep you warm this winter season. 


Prices and products are listed bellow:

Black Spruce:

Pickup Load:

1/2 Cord:

Full Cord:


Pickup Load

1/2 Cord:

Full Cord:

Local St. John's and surrounding area delivery available for $20

Pick up in yard available during business hours.


$20 Dollar Bundle 

Campfire Bundle (Includes: Firewood, Splits, Firestarter, The Wood Shed Matches):


Image by Patrick Tomasso
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