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Equally at home in the kitchen or hearth, the Ironheart was created to celebrate 150 years of ESSE. It combines the quintessential features of a superb stove and a traditional range cooker, making the most of the two things ESSE does best. Use it to cook a full roast in the oven – with six pans on the hotplate – or simply to boil the whistling kettle. Toast marshmallows in the firebox or prove dough around the Ironheart’s warm edges for baking fresh, crusty loaves. However you use it, the ESSE Ironheart has plenty of cooking potential.

  • Oven capacity 47.8ltrs / 192 metric cups

  • ‘Dog-bone’ cast iron hotplate up to 6 pans

  • Hotplate heat gradient allows you to find the perfect temperature by sliding pan across from left (hottest) to right

  • Suitable for continuous operation

  • Log guard can be moved forward/back depending on size of fire required

  • Dampener allows you to control heat going around the oven

  • Heat output to room up to 9.7kW / 17,060 BTU’s

  • Made in Great Britain

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